At a Crossroads…

What the hell is this about? Well, let me tell you. Hi, I’m Britney and I just got dumped 3 days ago. OHHH, boo hoo for you, you might say, shit happens. Well hey, cut me some slack, I gave my heart completely over to someone, was positive things were headed for the best, and was blindsided. Not only that, eleven days before the break up, I lost my purse in a drunken attempt to get home from my friends’ house [spoiler alert: it was retrieved a couple days later, seems like it didn’t even matter]. Now that I’m left with just me, myself, and I, I’m also realizing that I’m 23, post grad with a useless degree for this economy, don’t yet know what I want to do with my life, and work two dead end, part-time jobs to afford my overcrowded apartment. Basically, my life is a mess.

Oh, you should also know that I have zero percent good writing skillz [see: overuse of adverbs]. I actually kind of hate writing because I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to things people can judge me about [ugh! there it is again, I ended this sentence in a preposition]. Writing was and has never been one of my strongest suits, beware. No making fun of me.

Alas, I have a lot of thoughts right now, and the reason I’m doing this is to sustain my overall sanity and for cathartic reasons. Today, I realized that I need this to work on when nobody else is around. My mood and overall mental health in the last couple of days can be best described as riding the craziest rollercoaster with the seat belt off.

The title and concept of this Tumblr is a play on a mumblecore film that I was just introduced to by my good friend, Jenny (she’s kind of a big deal, check her out!), called Tiny Furniture. This is my OG tumblr, it’s basically me reblogging awesome stuff all the time, thus the need for a separate textually based outlet.

To wrap this up, I do not mean for this to be a downer, it will have some down beats, some up beats, but all in all, I want this to be a positive thing. I’m going to set some ground rules for myself, boundaries if you will, to make sure this is a pleasurable and positive growing tool for me and for you… Whoever you may be (I could be writing to myself, but that is all that really matters, right?).

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